Oral or vaginal sex

There are some precautions that men need to undertake when having sex with escorts (and indeed with anyone) before and after sex. Sex is safe if only both parties feel secure, good, comfortable and safe on what is happening. Of the many precautions men should take when having sex with escorts the main ones are:

Use of protection

Use of protection could be use of condom during sex either anal, oral or vaginal sex. The condom should be of high quality to ensure that it cannot break in the action. This greatly reduces the risk of any infection. Another form of precaution a man could use is taking PrEP which is a basis to prevent HIV transmission if taken regularly. The option of taking PrEP works best in a situation where the client has limited time before engaging in sex with the escort. After sex, there is only one way a man could ensure no virus which is taking a medicine called PEP which acts like a plan b tablet taken by ladies to prevent pregnancy. PEP prevents HIV infestation and though costly, it has no side effects.

Avoid foreplay

Foreplay is what you do to a lady before sex to arouse her. This could be sucking her vagina and/or anus and this can really be harmful to men though it is proved that women need foreplay to cum. When dealing with escorts, foreplay becomes risky since you may suck her fluids, boobs or even lick her and she is infected or has sores in her mouth.

Do not demand

When dealing with escorts, most of them like to use condoms for protection. Men when having sex most of them like sex without condoms and therefore in case an escort denies sex without condom do not demand it. As a man, you may never know why she demands protection. The escort could be having sexually transmitted diseases and to protect you from them she denies sex without protection. Therefore, men should never demand when dealing with escorts.

Other precautions could be:

Be clean

Escorts are professionals who need some respect. Therefore shower, cut fingernails, brush teeth and shave. Be in clean clothes as well avoid some behaviors like smoking. In case of any infection, let the escort know before anything.

Manners during sex

During sex touching with fingers is hot and sexy. Escorts will always ensure her nails are well kept and attended to, therefore men should ensure the same to avoid discomfort for the escort as this could lead her bar the man from penetrating his fingers.

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